Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Outsmarting of Criminals by Steven Rigolosi

This new mystery by Steven Rigolosi introduces the character Felicity Prim.  And she is a character. Prim has spent her adult life living and working in New York city. Pleasantly set in her ways, she likes things of a more formal mode. She is quite content with her life. Then she gets mugged. Her seemingly charmed life is not longer so charmed. Felicity decides a new attitude is needed, a self-defense class for starters. She arms herself with a LaserTaser3000, but it turns out these changes aren't enough.

Miss Prim decides that a career change will be just the thing. A voracious reader who just loves mysteries and thrillers, Felicity decides she will become an "outsmarter of criminals", which is more than a private investigator but not someone who relies on all the new technology. Along with this career change comes a change of residence. She moves to quiet, quaint Greenfield, Connecticut.

Her new house, Rose Cottage, is just perfect until she discovers a dead body in her basement. Miss Prim and her new guard dog, Bruno, set off to investigate with the help of the local police and her new neighbors.

This book is perhaps the epitome of a cozy mystery - set in a small rural village, a cast of quirky characters, local police who are themselves characters (but in this case not incompetent) and twists and turns galore! Miss Prim is not your mother's Miss Jane Marple. Quirky and fun this is a good light read.

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