Friday, July 5, 2013

Benediction by Kent Haruf

I have not read this author since Plainsong, and now want to go back and read everything he has written. Benediction is set in Holt, Colorado, several hours outside of Denver. Main character "Dad" Lewis, beloved owner of the local hardware store, has just received a diagnosis of cancer. Sounds like a downer of a book so far, but trust me, just the opposite. He and his wife Mary and daughter Lorraine work together to ensure that "Dad" lives his last months the way he wants.  

Poignant, beautiful writing about a man who has lived his life with dignity and compassion, and is not about to change. Lovely descriptions about the strength of small town life; about the outpouring of love and support "Dad" and his family experience. Such fine writing about his attempts to reconcile his life before he goes.  Highly recommended.

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