Friday, December 21, 2012

Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen

Ari Seth Cohen, in his blog-based book, Advanced Style (2012), turns ageism on its heels. His exquisite photography and meaningful words capture the essence of growing older with dignity and beauty.

I have never considered "old" a bad word, the author writes.  To be old is to be experienced, wise, and advanced.  The ladies I photograph challenge sterotypical views on age and aging. They are youthful in mind and spirit and express themselves through personal style and individual creativity...The fashion these women display is merely a reflection of the care and thought they put into every aspect of their lives.  These photos offer proof that the secret to remaining vital in our later years is to never stop being curious, never stop creating, and never stop having fun. 

Advanced Style is not only a beautiful coffee table book, it is an inspiration for any woman at any age.  Not only are the featured clothes and accessories exquisite, but the women photographed are admirable in the statements they are making. Their attitude about themselves and about life is amazing!

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