Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Third Gate

A woman is brought into an emergency room after being in a car accident.  Ethan Rush, one of the doctors on call continues to work on the woman even after the other doctors want to declare her dead.  He has an interest in keeping her alive - she is his wife.  He eventually revives her 14 minutes after her brain has stopped functioning.  He discovers that she now possesses extraordinary ESP powers.  Fast forward 3 years.

Jeremy Logan receives a phone call from Ethan, a friend from college.  It seems that Ethan has some work for Jeremy who is an enigmalogist.  Intrigued, Jeremy meets Ethan at the Center for Transmortality Studies (CTS).  Ethan left the practice of medicine after his wife's near death experience to join a think tank that studies near death experiences and how they change the survivors life.  Ethan informs Jeremy that he has a job for him that will involve some travel and research and work for a man named Porter Stone.  Stone is a treasure hunter of some reknown. Jeremy signs on and they head out to Egypt.

Stone believes he has found the real tomb of Narmer, the king that united upper and lower Egypt.  The tomb they have found is located in the Sudd and is protected by a curse. Stone wants Logan to investigate the curse and gain access to the tomb.  Rush's wife appears to be able to channel the spirit of Narmer  who keeps repeating the curse.  The Sudd is a swamp, about 200 miles wide and 250 miles long located in the South Sudan. it is almost not navigaible.  Stone's research facility is located in the Sudd.  Since they have foud some artifacts, strange things have been occuring at the facility.  Things related to the curse.

Lincoln Child has written another great book.  I love his books (especially the ones with Douglas Preston).  They have little twists through out them that keep you reading and they are just the slightest bit creepy. This one is on par with the rest.  The story moves nicely and the characters have just enough hidden issues that they are interesting. Perfect for a long summer weekend read.

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