Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

I will admit that I love trivia. Absolutely useless facts that just float around in my brain until I happen to need them for something. So the Encyclopedia of the Exquisite was made just for me. The book contains 300 pages of information about things that are billed as "elegant delights." And delights they are. They are also a great means of escaping the dark winter days.

A short page or two explanation of each subject is given. The entries are in alphabetical order for easy perusing. Starting with aerostation (the art of hot air ballooning) and ending with yes - billed as "a word used to express willingness or agreement" the book covers items and their true meanings that are lost in today's world. Think unicorns. However, the book does have some factual items. Among others, there are interesting sections on Kumari, the living goddesses of Nepal and obsidian, which is a black volcanic glass.

While this book is no great literary achievement it is the kind of book that is just interesting. A way to relax and maybe improve your mind.

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